Postman Space Camp: API Contract Testing (August 17th, 2022)

Last month’s in-person Space Camp was a blast! Getting to meet so many of you and hanging out with fellow Postmanauts was really fun.

For this month we are doing something a bit more relaxed (but still very educational!).

When it comes to API Contracts, having a goal of “meets expectations” is exactly what you want to strive for. This workshop will focus on various ways to check your OpenAPI Specification for validity, all the way down to data types of your responses. We’ll also cover some testing methods to double check the schema in test scripts as well if you’re not using OpenAPI. We’ll look at advanced options for alerting when things don’t match.

Join us on 2022-08-17T15:00:00Z for an hour long intermediate-level Postman training geared specifically for API testers and other stakeholders invested in the health of your APIs, including product managers, business managers, DevOps practitioners, and more.

Together we will cover the benefits of doing contract testing, how to run tests locally using the Postman Collection Runner, ways to reduce the time and effort of regression testing cycles by using Postman monitors and also a how-to on automating testing in your continuous integration pipeline with the help of Newman, Postman’s command-line Collection Runner.

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This looks great! Can’t wait!

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Hi, I registered for the session but was unable to attend. Is it possible to be sent the recording of it, please?

Hi David!

We will have a recording available soon on this page :slight_smile: