Code for Send and Download

In Postman, I’m able to download a channel file to a folder by clicking the button “Send and Download” instead of button “Send”. But no file is download in my local folder using the generated code snippets( C# HTTP Client) in my .Net application. Did I miss something as “Send and Download” in my C#?

I noticed the generated code snippets are same with button “Send and Download” and button “Send”. However the former one can download a file to a local folder and the latter one can’t. So where and how to mark it’s “Send and Download” instead of “Send” in C#?

The “Send and Download” function is a Postman feature.

It’s not really part of a standard http request, and the code snippets won’t generate code that replicates the whole of that functionality. Only the http request element.

It sounds like your queries around c# are best placed on a forum for that programming language.

It also sounds like you should consider a c# training course as some of the queries you are posting appear to be related to c# basics (including how to work with files).