Cloudflare API missing endpoints?

New to Postman. Liking it so far. First task at hand is using it to work with the Cloudflare API which seems to be available within Postman thanks to work which looks to have been done by @ms-cs-postman according to the Collection details.

We’re trying to Get and Put a Zone’s cache rules but when we search through the API in Postman for http_request_cache_settings there is no result shown.

Is the API incomplete as displayed in Postman?

It looks like that API was imported and provided for other purposes that to represent the actual Cloudflare API

I would suggest exporting their most recent API from here - Cloudflare API Documentation and then importing it into Postman.

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Thank you for that. I would not have known that export/import was what I wanted in this situation.

I am now able to do what I wanted to do and have just had my entire world rocked by Postman. Mind blown/New skills acquired. :heart_eyes:

Next step… I need to learn how to PUT a single rule rather than overwriting all existing rules with my body content.

Great. Glad that helped

Try PostBot - Postbot | Postman API Platform to get what you want to do there

Just like all AI, just need to make sure to ask it the right questions/commands.

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