Chaining requests based on activity done in visualizer

Here are my steps:
I run a get
The get has a responsebody
I run a visualizer script using javascript where I manipulate the form of the data for display in a visual

---- all this is working

Now I want to grab the data in the visual and use that to post another request. The shape of the data is different and is visible. I can go two ways - I have both a javascript object that I could use - or a stringified output.

Where I’m struggling is how do i use the visualizer output such that i can use that data in another action such as a post?

You need to parse the response body : var jsonData = JSON.parse(responseBody).

Hey @thomas.zdon,

The data in the visualzer is being driven from the response data so it wouldn’t really be a case of getting the data from there, it would just be the response body data that you would need to store as a variable, in order to use that elsewhere else (In a chained request etc.).

Are you able to provide an example of the response body data and which parts of it you would like to extract? With that information it shouldn’t be difficult to suggest where to go from here :slight_smile: