Chaining APIs, but running some of them in a loop

I have 3 APIs.
API#1 - GET {{endPoint}}/event/{{customerId}}/orders
API#2 - POST {{endPoint}}/pullOrders/{{orderId}}/claims
API#3 - DELETE {{endPoint}}/pullOrders/{{orderId}}/events

Response of API#1 is a json with the orderIDs

        "List": [
            "OrderId": "c6882585",
            "Type": "pull"
            "OrderId": "a2f818e7",
            "Type": "pull"
            "OrderId": "1f45e306",
            "Type": "pull"

The input to API#2 is the orderId from the response of API#1
The response of API#2 is a json with partNumber for a particular customerId. The response could be empty/null with varying number of partNumber with other customerId

        "EventId": "46323beaf738",
        "PartNumber": "22b188f7",
        "EventId": "5024519db933",
        "PartNumber": "2c2d8757",

These partNumber are input to API#3 in it’s body
Body of API#3

    "partNumberList": [22b188f7, 2c2d8757]

The goal is to delete all order history for a customer by chaining API#1, API#2 and API#3

In Tests of API#1 I get all the orderIds in test and save it in a variable

const responseJson = pm.response.json();
var orderIdList = responseJson.List;
var orderIds = [];
for(var index in orderIdList) {
pm.variables.set("orderIds", JSON.stringify(orderIds));
pm.variables.set("orderIdsIndex", 0);

In the Pre-request Script of API#2 I set the call to API#2 with the orderId from API#1

var orderIds = JSON.parse(pm.variables.get('orderIds'));
var index = parseInt(pm.variables.get('orderIdsIndex'));
pm.variables.set('orderId', orderIds[index]);
if (index + 1 < orderIds.length){
    pm.variables.set('orderIdsIndex', index + 1);

Till this point things work as expected, i.e. API#2 is called in a loop 3 times for 3 orderIds.
In Tests of API#2 I have tried the following. The run stops when partNumbers array below is non empty. It calls API#3 and stops. I want it to continue to the next iteration.

const responseJson = pm.response.json();
var partNumbers = [];
for (var key in responseJson){
pm.variables.set('partNumbers', JSON.stringify(partNumbers));
if (receiptHandles.length != 0) {

And in body of API#3 I have

    "partNumberList": {{partNumbers}}

Hey @ontherocks :wave: Welcome to the Postman Community :tada:

Just trying to understand what you want to achieve here - when you say “next iteration”, should it go back to API#2 for the 2nd orderId?

I have an example of looping requests in the following public workspace where an array gets updated with each iteration using shift().

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have further questions :wink:

Yes, I am expecting it to go back to API#2 for the 2nd orderId.

Hey @ontherocks :wave:
Thanks for clarifying! I have updated my collection to simulate your case more closely :wink:

I hope this is helpful!

why can’t you store everything before hand ?

in API 1 test use:

//storing all orderids to a list 

in pre-request of API2

//Getting orderID from the list in the left to right order
let orderIDList = pm.variable.get("orderIDList")
pm.variables.set("orderId", orderIDList.shift())
pm.variables.set("orderIDList", orderIDList)
// Doing sendRequest till all orderIDs are executed
orderIDList.length ? postman.setNextRequest(

In test script of API2

//storing PartNumber for each orderID as a List of object coontaining 
let obj = {}
obj[pm.variables.get("orderId")] =  pm.response.json().map(elem=>elem.PartNumber)
let partNumberList = pm.variables.get("partNumberList") 
partNumberList ? partNumberList.push(obj) : partNumberList=[obj]

and in Pre request of API3

//sending each orderid with the full PartNumberList
let partNumberList = pm.variable.get("partNumberList")
let partNumberMap = partNumberList.shift()
pm.variables.set("orderId", Object.keys(partNumberMap).shift())
pm.variables.set("partNumbers", partNumberMap[orderId])
pm.variables.set("partNumberList", partNumberList)  

partNumberList.length ? postman.setNextRequest(
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