Can't log in using google oauth. says web browser im using does not keep my account safe

see attached picture.

this is using the latest Postman-linux-x64-7.13.0 on ubuntu 18.04

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Unfortunately, you are running into this known issue which is currently being tracked on our GitHub page here - It is apparently a change in behavior by Google against all embedded browsers. Do subscribe to the thread for further updates and feel free to add your comment there as well.

Meanwhile, may I know if you’ve enabled the 2FA for your google account? If not, can you please try to enable the 2FA for your account as a workaround and see if that helps?

@ctmackay Our team just released a feature that lets you login to the application via the browser.


Could you try this out and let us know if that helps

Hi, it’s working fine.
Thx a lot for the fix.

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thanks for the response. it is working using this method.

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