Can't get rid of 'StackOverflow' error

I’ve got posted a query that is returned with 1000 items, then in the test tab I fired for each item a new GET request, now I getting constantly stack overflow error.

I have tried to take down the ‘take’ parameter for 100, restart the application then the computer, also npm cache clear (just for why not)
and it helped once but not anymore

setTimeout is also used to not overwhelm the system.

the problem turn out when I tried to use the ‘postman.setNextRequest’, because there were 100k items to get, and I tried to divide it for 100 items per task, since then just the error message.

other requests are running.

any help is appreciated!

Hi @r2d2-postman

I think this is a recursive function, this link describes this better than I can, hope it helps.

Yes, thank you!