Can we ignore tests under one folder

I have a collection with almost 620 requests and 3000 tests. I decided to keep all failed tests under one folder and I don’t want this folder to be executed when I am running my collection through Collection Runner, Newman, In the DevOps configured under a pipeline.

Is there any way we can ignore any specific folder execution and rest should be executed?

yes, you can run a specific folder in a collection using newman comman line options.

for example: newman run mycollection.json --folder testFolder

Refer this page for more details.

@jeevananthank, Sorry if my question was not clear enough, my actual question is how we can ignore one folder that contains some requests and tests.
For Example in my collection, I have a total of 20 folders and I want to run only 18 folders, and rest 2 folders should be skipped.
In this case, if I go with your solution I have to mention all the 18 folder’s names, that doesn’t sound convenient.

Is there any pre-existing function/method to skip a folder?