Can Postman connect to sFTP server?

Could someone please let me know if Postman can connect to an sFTP server…
If it cannot, I will look at alternate method.
Thank you.

No, Postman only speaks HTTP/S. Can you explain your use case/scenario?

Thank you for the info, Tim.
I am working with two different vendors.
Vendor A provides the data but uses WSDL and returns DTD.
Vendor B consumes the data and uses REST and Vendor B cannot communicate using WSDL.
I am using Postman to GET data from Vendor A and converting the response to JSON for Vendor B. I was hoping to be able to use Postman to POST to an sFTP where I may be able to perform a secondary file modification before Vendor B retrieves it for consumption.
There are some other details as well. But so far, I have been using Postman to overcome them because Vendor B wasn’t able to handle them; such as receiving a Packet ID from Vendor A to use for the next call … Postman handled it beautifully with Tests and variables.

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You could spin up a little Node service on your machine that Postman can call, and will do the sftp connection for you (using something like

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Thanks Matt. It looks all very interesting. Unfortunately, I am such a newbie to all this. I only started learning wsdl, dtd, xsd, xslt, xquery, xpath, saxon, json, swagger, etc back in June. They are so similar that it can get quite confusing at times. Definitely a good read when i have the time. Thanks.