Can not find the physical location of my collection!

I am doing the 30-days challenges , and on day 13, I need to know the physical location of my collection, but strangely I cannot find! and I get stuck!
Please give me a help!

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Not sure what you mean here - would you be able to expand on the information or provide a visual example?

Dear Danny,

Thank you for your help. For sure.

On day 13th of 30 days challenges , the instruction is as :

  • Set up Newman: To run this collection from your command line, set up Newman on your local machine.

  • Download and install Node.js for Linux, Windows, or Mac OSX

  • $ npm install -g newman

  • $ newman run “Day 13- Newman.postman_collection.json”

I used the PowerShell and I followed the instructions to install Node.js . When I want to run this command: newman run “Day 13- Newman.postman_collection.json” , it says that it cannot find the “Day 13-Newman.postman_collection.json” file. I tried to find the physical location of this file to add a path or go under its path , but I cannot . Am I on the correct way?


You’re missing the step to export the Collection file, before running it with Newman.

Strange! Because my instructions are not the same as the pic you sent. And I do not have this part ! anyway ! thank you a lot . I must see why my instructions are not complete ! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot again.

my instructions are as :

You may have inadvertently deleted some of the text. :thinking: Hard to tell without seeing the collection.

Do you want to send a link to the Public Workspace?

Dear Danny,

Maybe! :thinking:
but it was important that the problem was discovered . and now I can move forward.

Thanks a lot again. :rose: