Can I use Postman to analyze who journalists interact with on Twitter?

Hey Community

Im a student from Denmark and I want to analyze networks on Twitter. Is it possible to use Postman to analyze who journalists on Twitter are interacting with? I want go get a better understanding of the so called echo chamber for journalists. So are journalists interacting with fellow journalists or “normal” citizens? That is basically my research question. Can I use Postman to answer that for me?

Thank you!


Hello! In this case, I think Postman would serve as a great tool for testing out some of the queries you’re seeking as you’re moving forward in your project, but in the long run I think you’ll need to create a more robust program to fully analyze the data you’re seeking. Twitter has some wonderful documentation on how to analyze conversations with their API v2: Analyze past conversations | Twitter Developer

If you move forward with creating a more robust program and are using Python, I recommend looking into the Twitter API wrapper Tweepy

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