Can I use pm.sendrequest for a PUT call?

I am trying to update user info using a PUT call that is a condition of another value coming back null or not. basically using

if{value === null}
    url: ""
    method: PUT
    body: {
    mode: 'raw'
    raw: JSON.stringify(
    key0: "value0"
    key1: "value1"
    key2: "value2"
    key3: "value3"
    key4: "value4"
    key5: "value5"
}, function(err, response){
    throw err;

Am I doing something wrong, or does this not support PUT calls?


@grant.prichard It looks like you’re trying to use pm.sendrequest (all lowercase), which is incorrect. Could you switch to pm.sendRequest and confirm that the request works correctly?