A pm.sendRequest from a function body in Postman doesn't work

I’m trying to call a request from a function body in order to reuse code across a collection. But it looks like pm.sendRequest(request, function(err, response)… is ignoring. Where I’m wrong? The post is similar to this not answered yet: pm.sendRequest not working in post request Test

utils = {
    myFunc: function(email, password) {
        var user_status = "none";
        var endpoint = pm.environment.get("url")+"/login";
        request = {
            url: endpoint,
            method: "POST",
            body: {
                mode: 'raw',
                raw: JSON.stringify({'email': email,
                                    'password': password
            header: {
                'Content-Type': 'application/json'
        // console.info(request); - correct output for the request object.
        // doesn't execute or ignore pm.sendRequest call
        pm.sendRequest(request, function(err, response) {
            user_status = "exists";
            pm.environment.set("user_status", user_status);
            console.warn("Warning: The user already exists.");
        return user_status;

console.log(utils.myFunc(email, password));

I have got no console output from the inner pm.sendRequest code block.
I’ve already tried passing pm object aside the function as the third parameter.
The same thing with Object.prototype.is_user_registered = function(email, password) {...