Call Azure Get and PatchTestPoint API to update the test outcome

Hi Team,

I have written test cases in Azure Test Plan. I want to execute tests in Postman and also update the outcome of the test case by making additional call to Azure Get and Patch Test Point API.

I can achieve this. But problem is, I have to include these 2 API calls after each request. Is there a way to reuse in a smarter way in postman?

Could someone guide?


You can use the Postman sendRequest() function in a script and add the code at the folder or collection level so it will run for every request inside that folder or inside the collection. You can use the skiprequest() feature to skip certain requests if you need more granular control.

Or you call the Postman CLI (or Newman) from an Azure Pipeline which should automatically update the Test Plan if configured correctly with no need for those two extra requests. Usually the CLI will return a file with the results, and the pipeline can update the Test Plan using that info.

Haven’t done it myself for a while. But it only took ten minutes to get working last time from a quick Google search. (This was using Newman as the CLI).

Could you provide more info on how your accomplishing this? I’m trying to figure out how to do the same, even the extra two calls I wouldn’t mind at this point.