Baselinker API requests

How should I set up a Query param, and how should the cURL for baselinker API look like?

Here is a Baselinker API documentation


The API enables the information exchange between an external system and BaseLinker.
Communication uses data in JSON format. To make a request to the API, send the proper POST request to:

To send a request for each method, a token is required. The token is assigned directly to the BaseLinker user account. User can generate API token in BaseLinker panel in “Account & other → My account → API” section.
Authorization with http header (X-BLToken) is recommended.

3 values must be submitted to the connector.php file via POST:

  1. token - unique user API key - DEPRECATED, please use X-BLToken header
  2. method - the name of the requested API method
  3. parameters - arguments of the requested function in JSON format

Sample:curl '' -H 'X-BLToken: 1-23-ABC' --data-raw 'method=getOrders&parameters=%7B%22date_from%22%3A+1407341754%7D'

The cURL is not very clear for me:
what is “-H”?
What are ’ separators in the cURL?
Is --data-raw a part of the curl that will be created with request (or it is fine when I set it in Body section like I did)?

I’v set api key, so no longer “error_message”:“No user token provided.” appears.
As a body I selected raw/JSON

So how should I set params to make my getOrders request?
What should i put in Body section?

I tried a lot but nothing seems to be working - always the same message:
“error_message”:“An empty or unknown method has been used”

Please help - because i’m stuck :confused:

Hi @pablogemba

You can use the “Import” option in Postman and select the “Raw Text” option to import cURL straight in to Postman, like this;


This will automatically create the request in Postman like this;



Just did what you told me and there are some problems:
1st. In API documentation, it’s stated - Communication uses data in JSON format.
And here it’s set for x-www-form-urlencoded.
2nd. X-BLToken is set as 1-23-ABC (I just went to Authorization tab and made it as API doc said

Hope that is correct…
But when I hit SEND, it’s the same outcome again.

{“status”:“ERROR”,“error_code”:“ERROR_UNKNOWN_METHOD”,“error_message”:“An empty or unknown method has been used”}

Any idea why ?
Is it because I should make parameters in JSON?

Can you provide screenshots of what you have tried?

I tried

Of course there is a X-BLToken on the 1st place
And I’m writing Parameters


In the screenshot where you have the key\value that you want to add to the header.

You have the key as “X-BLToken” and the value as {{Token}} which is a variable that I don’t think you have set anywhere.

Therefore, the error “an empty or unknown method”.

Ideally, this should be set as an environment variable.

So - under the {{Token}} is a value of my real token which I got from my Baselinker.
It’s set like that, because I don’t want to share an API token in public.


Ok, but where do you have this set?

Can you confirm that it is set in an environment variable?