Automate variables


I have an api collection that has been transformed from php to json.
I would like to retrieve certain data and transform them into variables to then integrate them into API requests automatically.

Currently I have a list of variables that I would like to automatically integrate into queries (see attached before/after photo)
And in the query for the photo “currently”, I would like to be able to automatically save this data in the variables.

Is it possible ? Is there a function allowing this action?

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Apologies it’s been so long for a response - I’m not 100% sure what you’re trying to do with that. It might be the way the images are structure or it’s just me not getting it. :grimacing:

Would you be able to break it down a but more please, more a simpler version of the solution that you’re looking for here.

When I import a collection into postman

in the body of my requests, the information is presented like this

You have the name of the data on the left (corresponding to the creation form fields on our CRM) and on the right the value to be filled in for this field.
I want to turn this value into a variable so that it looks like this

Is there anything I can do to transform the values to be filled in into a variable automatically, without having to go field by field to transform it into a variable?

I don’t know if I’m making myself clear.

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