Downloading variable values

I have a collection that queries several APIs, runs some tests, and throws together some results to an object currently saved in a collection variable. Can I download the contents of said variable to a file in any format?


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Collection variables are tied with collection, I am not sure of how to extract them alone.

Because you have an option to export the collection,

And this will give you a JSON file with the array of collection variables like below:

I am not sure about the context why are looking for variable values separately , please check if this helps :blush:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If I click ‘persist’ I can export it. Another option I see is to simply copy-paste the value from Postman. It’s not optimal but I guess it could work for some use cases.

I’m open to any way for Postman to write to file/download results, preferably natively without the use of node or external webservers to access ‘fs’. I just figured it might be easiest to persist the results in a collection/environment variable and (somehow) print that.

It seems to me Postman is excellent for testing and downloading responses one at a time, but less so when persisting combined responses.