Automate the multiple creation of same object

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My question:
I want to save some 100 drivers using a driver json into the DB where each request must have unique driver_id. I tried it by looping over the counter variable and asking for the again and again till the counter exhausts.
But I am facing some issue while doing the Run Collection. As it is saying “This request does not have any tests” but it is running just for one time.

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
After clicking on the Run Collection, it is giving me that message of request not having any tests. And only persists one driver object to the DB.

I’ve already tried:
I have pasted some screenshots regarding the issue and also tried searching on stackoverflow and on other websites but couldn’t get any solution.

Hi @descent-module-oper2, Welcome to the community!

A better approach would be to create a csv or JSON file and use it as input to collection runner.

All you need to do is adjust the request and csv file, so that data from csv can be replaced at collection run time.

Hope this helps :blush: