Authorization involving injecting two header key-value pairs?

One of Postman’s best features is the hierarchical Authorization. You can set up the Auth in a collection or folder, and then in an individual request you can inherit it or reject it (by saying No Auth) for that one request. Cool.

I take advantage of this in a set of requests where there is one header to inject for authorization. In the Folder I specify API Key auth, and I specify that I want Key “Authorization”, Value “Whatever” in my Header. Cool.

OK, but the problem is that I’ve got another set of requests where authorization is done by injecting two key-value pairs into the Header. And I cannot find any built-in form of Authorization that lets me specify that. So I’ve ended up writing those two headers manually into every single darned request, which is kind of ugly / fragile. Please tell me I’m totally missing something here. (Also tell me what I’m missing! Heh heh.) Thanks.

If it’s really true that this feature is just missing, might it make a good feature request?