Assistance to Parse Odata value response - possible nested array?

Hi all, my first post after i’ve spent hours failing to come up with an answer.

I’ve searched around and couldnt find the answer that quite matched what i was looking for. On an Odata POST I get this response:

@odata.context”: “ THE URL Shortener - Free, Custom URLs”,
“value”: “{“BlobId”:”{78F2FB04-E13F-42F3-877D-F2AB2F06C23C}",“BlobUrl”:""}"

I’ve been able to parse other responses with var jsonData = JSON.parse(responseBody);
and then get the value with jsonData.expires_on etc, however, I cannot seem to do the same with the response for this. I just need to get the BlobUrl out. I think it may be the fact I just need assistance in parsing nested JSON arrays?

If anyone could provide some guidance I would appreciate it.

many thanks


@bigglesuk Welcome to the community :partying_face:

You can use this is help the newbies to parse the JSON response.

I wrote a blog on how to use it here.

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Thanks I will give it a go