ApiFlow.io - Cloud Agnostic Rest API Database for Small/Startup/Side Projects

Looking for feedback on building a cloud agnostic Firebase/AWS Amplify competitor.


I want to keep it simple by abstracting out deployments, and data store technologies. Essentially it would just be a REST API contract with different quotas, and resilience SLA’s. Given a hard API contract I could just build the contract multiple times to target different clouds and datastore backends. Want to run on AWS with 10GB of data: no problem. Want to run on GCP with 800GB of data: sure (…if you say so)!

This will target development and beta environments for startups as well as a simple backend solution for side projects, small businesses, or apps.


  1. No need to become and expert in specific clouds, or datastore functionality.
  2. Allows you to decouple your projects from specific cloud providers/technologies.
  3. Simplified setup for side projects/POC’s because you are just making REST API calls. No need to setup 3rd party SDK’s.
  4. When you out grow my service then just build your own backend! It’s not meant to be one-size-fits-all.


  1. Pick you datastore reliability (dev=free, beta=$7/m, stable=$20/m, dedicated=$100/m)
  2. Pick your data size (2gb, 10gb, 20gb, 50gb, …)
  3. Pick your target cloud (AWS, GCP, Heroku, Azure, Digital Ocean, …)
  4. Setup auth (API Key, Social OAuth, basic, …)
  5. Start making REST API calls using YOUR favorite libraries and industry standard patterns.

You tell me.

  1. Never… tell me why you wouldn’t use this, e.g. Firebase free tier.
  2. I want to get feedback on use cases and the ideal API contract, e.g. pagination and GraphQL support.
  3. I am looking for beta testers. Yes it will be free during beta! Yes, I will provide generous testing limits (within reason)!

Want to know more?
Reply or send me a direct message.

I am a dev/designer/api dude(-tte), can I help?
Yes… but later. Ping me and I will keep you in the loop.