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Using OAuth 2.0 to access A.D. Banker APIs – A.D. Banker Knowledge Base

I am on step 2, but the JSON body doesn’t show the agreement key all I get is :sob:
“Success”: “Sent post request containing an agreement key to your callback route.”

Hi @mission-specialist-3

Could you provide a little more information and maybe some screenshots of what you have tried so far?

We have also tried this command:

res = requests.post(“https://api.adbanker.com/v1/Auth/Agreement”, data=dumps(post_data))

TimeoutError: [Errno 60] Operation timed out

That response looks correct to me.

The website reads

Your callback route should receive a JSON body with a client key, agreement key, and an expiration:

The example shows a POST request of:

It also says;

The route must have the following valid parameters:

  • Route is publicly accessible
  • Route can retrieve POST requests
  • Route is a valid URL

So whatever you set as your “CallbackRoute” would be where the data is sent to.

If you navigate to your callback URL, you should see the JSON body you’re expecting.