API results on blank (Pipedrive)

I´m using Postman to connect my Pipedrive Users data to PowerBI, I might be doing this the wrong way but I’ve managed to get a Html file out of Postman using my URL and API token, however when previewing the consult the Data is not loading,it shows the page as it would when accessing it on the explorer but the contacts data are not loading; I have activated the cookies and ran the consult under the ‘Persons’ tab selecting the Get all persons option, my URL looks like this:

Am I missing something or is this not the correct procedure to get my data to PowerBI?

You shouldn’t need Postman for this.

You should be able to directly connect PowerBI to the API in question.

The authentication for this appears straight forward. You just need the API token as a query parameter on the request.

The URL you have posted is not for their API. So please fork the collection from the “Run in Postman” link included in the Pipedrive API Reference

The Get all persons request looks like this.

The baseURL variable value is https://api.pipedrive.com/v1

I recommend searching the web for “pulling data from an API with Power Bi” for tutorials on how to consume data from an API with Power BI.

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