Access the GET result of an API Request via Postman API


I’m hoping I phrased my question clearly but if not, here’s my situation:
I was able to add a Microsoft Graph collection and successfully send GET requests. I am hoping to view the result of the request in Power BI without having to download each request as a JSON file.

So i thought I’d share the collection via API. I viewed the JSON returned from the API URL but cannot find anything that is the content of any of my requests. For example, one of my GET requests returns a list of users from a specific tenant but this I cannot find from the JSON returned by Postman.

Please see image below

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The Postman API GET /collection/id route would only be returning the Collection JSON in the response, similar to what you would see if you were to export that as a file.

These wouldn’t include the responses from any of the requests that you have made in Postman.

thank you for confirming. Any idea how to return the requests themselves instead of the items in a collection?

Not sure I understand the question. Do you mean the responses, for the requests that you have inside the Collection?

You’d only get the responses by using the Collection in Postman, to make those requests to those endpoint.

Alternatively, you could us Newman to run the Collection and write the responses to a files.

For example:

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