Announcing Postman for the Web, Now in Open Beta

I did find that the order of requests was not retained. I did a side by side review with web client and desktop client.

Potential deal breaker for those that need to run chained requests.

I am pretty confident that this is not intentional, because as you said it is key functionality. A GitHub issue would help the team prioritize addressing - - appreciate you reporting.

In Chrome, Postman for web can connect to the Agent, but in Safari I get an error (see attached). Is Safari not currently a supported browser?


Correct. Safari is not currently supported, and I just saw that Safari specific warning is being added until we can fully support.

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Can we get some accessibility onto the roadmap for the web version? One of the major benefits of the web is that I have accessibility tooling for that platform - but there are many non-standard components that my tooling isn’t able to interact with. I would love to be able to use Postman regularly, please let me know if I should open specific issues or if there’s already some plan to meet the basic accessibility requirements!


Thank you so much for posting this. In my rounds to internal groups I am going to be raising this issue and ask what our current and future accessibility plans are. Now is definitely the time to be investing in accessibility with the web edition. I am going to do a roundup of existing accessibility issues on Github, and push to get you more clarity on accessibility on the road map. Please keep pushing on this.


it would be really nice for me to use postman for the web since I can’t install Postman desktop on my Windows box, it’s locked down by corporate policy. Unfortunately this goes for the agent too, I can’t install it and I get a CORS policy error. Funnily enough I can often run .exe files so if I could figure out how to extract the .exe from the installer I might be good. Keep going, you’re on to something!

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Hey Peter. Sorry to hear about the restrictions. Glad to hear we are on the right track though. We are working on the next generation agents that will operate in the cloud, and will likely possess more controls and configuration opportunities. Stay tuned, and keep the feedback coming.

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My first impressions of postman on the web are not positive. I came in here looking for the desktop app and I couldn’t find it. I had to create an account and that led me to the web version. I had a popup asking me to download the desktop agent which I thought was the desktop application. It wasn’t and was disappointed when I clicked and installed and nothing happened. The install is mostly silent and I tried installing twice to see if it there was an error.

After nothing happened again, I went looking to see if anything was different. I finally noticed the icon on the taskbar. I autohide my taskbar so I had to go and look for this change. I clicked on it again expecting a window, and AGAIN nothing happened. I had to right click on it and was disappointed again when the menu said it was disconnected.

I went to the web version expecting some sort of button or indication as to how to connect, but again found nothing.

It was a very frustrating experience.


Do you have a (not optimistic) schedule for the cloud agent?
Q1 next year?

Thanks and have a great day!

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