All test passed for Student Program but cannot claim badge

Postman Team,

My postman collection given below has passed all 28 tests (see screenshot attached) but I am still not getting my badge.


"email": "[](",

"postmanCollectionJsonUrl": "",

"publishedCourseId": "2q2jokzsn62y8",

"lessonId": "go6mgkytvk8u"


Kindly help me to claim my badge, as it is essential for my professional work-related assignments.

Correct Collection URL: postmanCollectionJsonUrl": "

Your screenshot is not showing the tests as passing.

You might have a ‘200 ok’ status, but that request doesn’t look like it has any test results.

It fact, it just looks like a screenshot of the guidance notes.

When you run the “submit” request, what do you get in the response?

Your email looks to be in a different format to mine.

Mine is in the format.

"email": "",

It doesn’t include the mailto.

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