Adding --insecure option to newman run

Hi what needed to be passed for running newman with --insecure option. or how to pass this{
  // run options go here
  	collection: 'SIA_MTM_FUNCTIONAL_TEST_SCRIPTS_Chuncks1_NewDB_Dev_Mzr.postman_collection.json',
	 "reporters": "htmlextra",
    "reporter": { "htmlextra": {"export": "SIA_Testcases_Report.html"} }
}, function (err, summary) {
  // handle collection run err, process the run summary here
}).on('request', function (err, execution) { // This is triggered when a response has been recieved
   if (err) { return console.error(err); }
    const fileName = testCaseArray[i]+'';
   fs.writeFile(fileName,, function (error) {
      if (error) { console.error(error); }

Hey @krishnandoss08

It looks like you have a few of the keys wrapped in quotes, these should look more like this:{
    collection: "SIA_MTM_FUNCTIONAL_TEST_SCRIPTS_Chuncks1_NewDB_Dev_Mzr.postman_collection.json",
    environment: "SIA_NewDB_Dev_Mzr.postman_environment.json",	
    reporters: ["htmlextra"],
    reporter: { 
                export: "SIA_Testcases_Report.html"
    insecure: true

I’ve also included the insecure flag in the script.

@dannydainton thx for the usage . How ever it did not work .I got the following response

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The site you’re trying to reach at is categorized as and blocked by IBM implemented policy.

web sites may expose IBM to security risks that could compromise IBM systems or result in data loss. Visiting sites like these may also violate the IBM Business Conduct Guidelines.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Make sure the URL is correct. Many blocked requests are due to typos, misplaced hyphens, or incorrect domain names (i.e. .com, .net, .org).

  2. If you suspect your system has been compromised and infected with malware, contact your local help desk immediately.


  3. If you have a valid business need and think the site’s been blocked in error. Review these instructions on blocked web sites on Help@IBM.

    web site

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BTW i was able to get a API response saved as json file . Is there any further diagnosis needed to trouble shoot this. Please note that with the postman i able to get a response properly. Tx K.thulsi