About AsyncAPI - how to use

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My question:
I want to know about AsyncAPI . I have knowldege of REST API. I followed documentation of Async API but wasnt able to understand. Kindly help me understand in an easy way

Is this a Postman related question? If so, could you be more specific?

Otherwise, a quick google search gives loads of places to read and watch videos about AsyncAPI.

  • REST APIs are typically synchronous - for example, a client sends a request, and then the server sends a response.
  • Event-driven architecture (EDA) APIs are asynchronous, for example, a client subscribes to event notifications and then the server sends the notification when it’s ready. You can see this with some webhooks, and WebSockets and real-time streaming APIs.

AsyncAPI is a specification format to define those event-driven architecture APIs. Similar to how OpenAPI is used to define REST APIs. The AsyncAPI team is a friendly bunch, if you wanted to swing by their community and learn more: .github/README.md at master · asyncapi/.github · GitHub

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I recently released a blog post that walks through how to document a WebSocket using Async API. That might help you get past the initial hurdle of getting started.

I highly recommend all the resources that @joyce mentioned. They also have a public slack workspace where they are super responsive.

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