Able to get response when click "Send" in builder but failed to run the whole collection

Hi, I started playing with Postman this week and I have 3 questions.

I tried to get UiPath Cloud Platform Environment name and deploy it into a service to build activity in UiPath Studio Pro. Now I have struggled of receiving the initial value/whitespace rather than the current value from Postman.

Detail of collections:
There are two requests, get bearer token (to give auth to next request), Get information.
The first request uses the “Post” command. Set an environment variable to save the token.
⇒ Question 1: Why does the right panel show that this is a “Get” request? Please check the following image.

The second request uses the “Get” command. Authorization is given through the variable. Able to get an expected response when click “Send”. The current values of the environment variables are all correct.

Click “Run” of the collection. Failed to run neither.

⇒ Question 2: There are request URL for both requests. Why does the following error happened? (Error: runtime:extenstions~request: request url is empty)
⇒ Question 3: Click “Send” goes well doesn’t mean “Run” goes well? Have to clear “Run” before deploying Postman into service?

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

Also struggled in integration to UiPath Studio Pro. Check image for detail.

Hi @XueyinQu–welcome to the community!

Does this post help point you in the right direction? It could be relevant to your second question.

Help - postman why does this exact same test fail