Ability to use postman to click a button?

Hello I am not sure if I am able to do this with Postman but just thought I would check. If you look at my snipit, the status shows an empty string when running a POST or PUT for this particular API…

The reason for this is because for the status to change I need to click the next button:

My question is simply is there a way for me to write in Postman onclick events? I tried doing this in the pre-script but returned an error…

This is the inspected element for the button:

if I can’t do this with Postman I can try learning Selenium for this script but hoping to use it with Postman. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @bkruep

Pretty sure Postman can’t do onclick events (happy for someone else to correct me if that is in fact a posibility).

I would suggest opening chrome dev-tools and monitoring the calls made when the button is clicked. You may see something that you can export (right click and “copy” the cURL comment, then import it into Postman).

Chances are that when that button is clicked the form data is collated into one POST/PUT.