Ability of embedding Newman HTML Report

Hello everyone,

I’m having issues trying to figure out how I could embed the Newman HTML reports, using dashboard-template as base, into an outer HTML page.
In short, I have a page with navbars and sidebar, and I would like to display the HTML generated by Newman inside the page.

Currently I’m trying to avoid iframe as I would like to not expose the HTML on some route so I can feed the src=/newman-report into the attributes.

My only options (as I see them) are to use <object data={{newman_report}} /> into the HTML of my view, but as you might already guess, there will be name clashes, as the Newman report is targeting elements such as body,content via CSS and/or JS scripts.

My question, is there a way that I can flag the report to be generated in an embeddable way, so that the newman HTML doesn’t use common HTML tags, but classes/ids instead?

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