XML Invalid: XML document must have a top level element

I’m trying to make a post request but getting “XML Invalid: XML document must have a top level element.” . please help.

the response status is “200” but it responses with this

<?xml version="1.0"?> 003 XML Invalid: XML document must have a top level element.

My content-type is set to “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”.

Please note that I’m new at APIs so please help me out

Thank you

I have tried googling but seems no help

Hi @joint-operations-a12

Can you provide some screenshots so we can see what you have tried?

Hi, @w4dd325

Thank you!

Do you have any documentation available for this API?

yes, I have a pdf

It’s really old

Back when I worked there :eyes:

Are you submitting XML in your request?
I can see username/password.

Do you have a ‘Version’ and ‘Request’ like in the example shown in the doc?

So I’ve managed to get past the “XML Invalid: Invalid at the top level of the document” error…

But obviously, I don’t have a valid username or password.

This was achieved by submitting the example request in section 6.1 … so I suspect that your issue lies within the XML that you are submitting.

(I assume the xmlRequest key/value pair is hidden further down on your screenshot?)

Also, I don’t think the sender account is sent as a key/value pair… that appears to be a value stored inside the XML.

Hi, thank you!


It worked! I don’t how to thank you!!

No worries, you’re welcome.

Seeing the logo bought a little nostalgia from my TNT days :rofl:

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It’s really awesome to know that you worked at TNT!!

Is it possible to follow you somewhere else too? maybe on twitter?

Same name and picture on Twitter, @w4dd325 :+1: