Workspaces not loading


About 30 minutes ago from this writing, I have lost access to my Postman workspaces. When I click on the Workspaces tab in the postman app, its empty and when I click on “Create New”, the “Loading workspace templates” screen is stuck. The issue is the same in the webapp version as well. Ive also tried it on another network to try and drill down if its a network issue but its the same. Something seems to be wrong server side.

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Hey @joint-operations-ex1 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

We’re currently experiencing some service degradation - We’re working on fixing this and getting everything back up for you.

Please bare with us :pray:

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why is it our postman down ? why do we need a your servers to run local test ?

Please design your software right and not this crappy way that take all the down company they use it. so you can sale usage information .

This should be back up again now @joint-operations-ex1 :pray:

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Thank you kind sir. its back up.

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