Working with XML in Postman Scripts

Hi There!

I had trouble for awhile working with XML in Postman, in particular with scripting out xml calls and parsing them. The company I work at has some legacy web applications (SOAP and SAML), and I was done using the tooling they had, as it was clunky and difficult to use. After much research and testing, I was able to find the Cheerio.js library in postman, and could do all the native xml manipulation I needed, especially making a SAML request to get an Assertion, and use that against a SOAP service. I made a video on it and created some test scripts as resources. Take a look at the video description.

I hope this helps anyone looking for native xml use in postman, especially those who don’t work with JSON based services!


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Great tutorial video @odanylewycz, thanks for sharing! I wish I had that when I was also dealing with some legacy webapps a while back :smile:

@arlemi Thank you very much! I only wish I could’ve gotten it out sooner when you were dealing with those web apps. But hey, now you know for next time :smile: