Why do I get error trying to GET json-data from timewave?

I’m trying to GET/POST/PUT data from https://apidoc.timewave.se/
I’ve imported collection and environment to postman.
timewave uses bearer authentication and token is also imported.
When I try to send a GET request I get the response “error”: “Not authorized.”
Could someone guide me how to make this work?

Hi @zonyz

When you say;

Are you copying the hard-coded example from the docs, or are you submitting the auth call with client secret?

(the hard-coded token will be an expired token that is just used in the example, you will need to generate a fresh token.)


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Thanx w4dd325!

You spotted the problem.
I made a POST request to ‘Acess token’ and entered new token from the response to parent TimeWave API 3.0. Now all my requests seem to work.

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