When we have any members other than "$ref" in a JSON Reference object, postman will give "contains invalid property" error where as specification says "shall be ignored"

Hi Team,

I have encountered a situation, where if I specify any members other than “$ref” under schema, the postman will catch it as a syntactical error where as the specification says “Any members other than “$ref” in a JSON Reference object SHALL be ignored”. Due to this syntactical error postman couldn’t able to load the API documentation.

e.g. Following responses object will give the syntactical error “contains invalid property: description” where as it should be ignored and should not give any syntactical error.

      description: Success
      headers: {}
        $ref: '#/definitions/mydefinition'
        description: 'Request successful'

Is it a bug in the postman? If so is there any bug reported? I am using swagger 2.0