What happens when collections in a shared workspace are run simultaneously and collection variables are used

I have some requests in a collection which the entire team uses. However I have noticed that some team members cannot run them successfully at times, but can in others. I personally don’t have any issues but:

  • I am the administrator of the workspace - most other people are viewers
  • Variables used between requests are used and stored as collection variables

My questions are:

  • Is this a reasonable setup to use (I don’t mind people running the requests, but I don’t want them altering them)
  • Is some of the issues likely to be with two users updating collection variables at the same time?
  • If so, what is the best way to share variables between requests and ensure each user doesn’t interfere with each other? I used to use global variables, but I can see where that would cause issues.



Hi @204608, Welcome to the community!

For this particular use case, I would recommend using environment variables.

Ask all your users to have their specific environments while running any collection. In this way, all users will have their own set of variables which they will be working upon.

How would that work when we have multiple environments already (e.g Dev, EIL, QA). So that seems like for 4 developers there would need to be 12 environments. And I assume all of these would be visible to all users - so it would be hard to keep track of all environments.