What authentication for certificates (SOAP Request)

I am trying to setup my first SOAP request in Postman. I am getting this response.

![CDATA[SECU1075: An error was discovered processing the wsse:Security
SECU1096: Could not find a WS-Security Header

Steps taken so far.

  1. Added a certificate under File…Settings…Certificates
  2. Created a Collection

Question: What authentication do I select to have Postman add WS Security Headers for a certificate?

Postman Console Below

Search messages

POST https://misapi.ercot.com/2007-08/Nodal/eEDS/EWS/
416 ms
Client Certificate
cert: {…}
src: “C:\Users\Repos\EI_Toolkit_Local\EI_Reporting\Resources\ERCOT_Root_CA.crt”
id: “49014cf5-61d4-XXXX-89fa-XXXXXXXXXX”
key: {…}
matches: [1]
passphrase: “XXXXXXXXXXXXX”
pfx: {…}
src: “C:\Users\s\Repos\EI_Toolkit_Local\EI_Reporting\Resources\Steve_Personal_Key_Export_ERCOT.pfx”
Request Headers
SOAPAction: “/BusinessService/NodalService.serviceagent/HttpEndPoint/MarketTransactions”
Content-Type: application/xml
User-Agent: PostmanRuntime/7.24.1
Accept: /
Postman-Token: 47e6f5bb-82XXXXXXX4-XXXX-XXXX-dab7967dac06
Host: misapi.ercot.com
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Length: 2368