What all kind of tests can be written while testing?

Hi, We have POSTMAN PRO and I am pretty new to the Postman universe, therefore I am looking forward to write as much as the tests.

Few tests I have written are:
response code =200
response time.
body is not null
body is json

The requirement I got is that I have to leverage POSTMAN to totally automate the manual integration testing of web based application. so my worry is that what all tests I can write in postman to test the front end things also.
Example: When login is done - other modules like start a project, dashboard , account info etc etc comes into play, how can I test from Postman perspective all these exists when login into application.

Hope it makes sense. Looking forward to hear.
Thank you

Hi @samreenadil and welcome to Postman.
So you could validate things like HTML that you would expect if there are calls you are making that would return that in its response.

If you wanted to give us a bit more detail or even examples if you have them I am sure we can help you with these tests.