Ways to analyze results from a Postman run

I have above 1000 requests in my collection.
Is there a way to filter and sort the test run results by some criteria?

For example, I am interested in tests that have the failed the response speed test and have a status code in 200s.
Out of 1000 requests, there are for example 50 tests that fail, but there are other failed tests as well.

I tried exporting the results, hoping that I can use a search functionality from a text editor, but that is not much faster, since the data is unstructured.

Any ideas?

The only way to classify things would be to add something to the test title and search inside the failed test by that. But it will be a text-based search.

As a side-note, testing for the response speed is a guaranteed way to have unreliable test results.

It is best to look into doing performance tests and to remove such assertions from your functional tests. Otherwise you are just generating work for yourself.

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