Variables not being set for 'failed' or 'cancelled' run

Hi all,

I’m getting an intermittent issue with variables not being set and wonder if anyone has come across this.

I have a standard collection and during the run, some of the early tests write a variable (doesn’t matter which type, collection, environment etc) which is used in later tests. If I run the tests individually, the variable is written fine. If I run the test set as a collection, and for whatever reason it doesn’t complete, either because of a failure or I terminate the run, they are not always written.

Anyone seen this ? I’m running v9.21.5

Thanks in advance.

Hey @dgreen65

This is the expected behaviour, the variables are written at the end of the run (and only if you select the Keep variable values options before running the collection), so if you run quits unexpectedly it won’t write them.

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