Using Visualizer with "Learn by API"

Hi, everyone. I signed up for an account today because I have never worked with APIs before but will need to soon.

My question:
Can someone please show me how I set up the Visualizer to work with the “Learn by API” collection?

There are some instructions to help set it up and get started, but I’m so new to this that the instructions do not make sense to me, either.

I found this issue:
I found this issue while walking through the “Learn by API” collection, as I mentioned. I’m wondering if maybe there is a better place for me to get started with my learning. Is this the best place, or should I start somewhere else?

So far I’ve tried:
So far, I tried copying and pasting from the solution here, which shows you just how new to this I am… That code is for tweets; completely unrelated to what I’m doing here.

I’ll gladly welcome any help whatsoever as to how to set up the Visualizer or where to go to start learning the very basics.