Using POSTMAN to update ZOOM Mobile numbers via CSV

Hello - I’m new to using using Zoom API’s. I’m attempting to use Postman to update our users mobile number category via a CSV.

I did the run collection and PATCH “update a user” with the attached information in the body. Using 1 test user in a CSV file I get a 204 success code but the information doesn’t reflect in Zoom.

I could be overlooking something simple, but any help would be appreciated. Thank you

The CSV variables are ‘email’ ‘mobile’

PATCH {{baseUrl}}/users/{{email}}

{ “phone_numbers”: [ { “code”: “+1”, “country”: “US”, “label”: “Mobile”, “number”: “{{mobile}}” } ]


This does not look like an issue with Postman but rather how you’re consuming the zoom API’s?

It’ll be helpful if you can provide a reference to the zoom documentation you’re following accompanied with a Postman collection that replicates the issue you’re facing.