Using POSTMAN to publish workbook to Tableau Online

Hello Everyone,

Am trying to execute a POST request to publish workbook to Tableau online site, which is not working as expected. When checked Tableau help site, Get Started Tutorial Part 2: Create a Project and Publish a Workbook to it - Tableau (URL edited)
It says, for this particular request POSTMAN and Tableau do not play well together.
Could you please share, if anyone had tried and solved this through POSTMAN?


Hey @RKumar,
The link you shared isn’t active anymore. Any other docs you’re referring to? We could try and work this out together :slight_smile:

Hello Meenakshi,

Thank you for reply.
Below correct URL, Part-2, Publish a Workbook section.,

Hey @RKumar,
I tried all the other requests, all besides the publishing one which they point to work fine. If you need to send a file, Postman uses the multipart/form-data value for Content-Type but multipart/mixed is expected.
No solution from my end :slightly_frowning_face: Apologies!

Hello @meenakshi.dhanani,

No problem,
Just checking for the possibilities, if anyone else tried.
Thanks for your time.