Using parameters in flows - path variables can't be set?

Hello, trying to do something quite simple in flows… using the Qualtrics API, I want to chain a couple of API calls to get the survey responses for a particular survey. This involves 3 API calls, with the second and third API calls taking an input which is part of the response of the previous API call. See and the API calls in Qualtrics Public APIs | Postman API Network within Export Responses.

In Flows, I want to:
(1) send the POST request to start a ResponseExport for a particular SurveyID.

  • The request returns exportProgressID within the response body - which I need for the next request.

(2) send the GET request to get the ExportProgress, with the exportProgressID set to that from the result of the previous request.

  • The result returns a fileID

(3) send a GET request to get the actual file that is the export. Using the fileID from the last response.

However when I try to link these together in flows (I have followed the tutorials on the learning platform), I don’t get parameters showing up so that I can add responseProgressID or fileID to the relevant requests.

On one of the answers on the forum I saw that Path parameters (which these are) wouldn’t show up on Flows. Why is this and is there a change I need to make to my set up to be able to run this simple chain?

Thank you!

Hi @sunnybun

Welcome to the forums!

It looks like you have hard-coded values for responseProgressID and fileID in your requests, if you change the values to be {{responseProgressID}} and {{fileID}} instead they should populate in flows.

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