Using "Name" in JSON Body results in a Parse Error

Okay, so I’m new to Postman,

I’ve been trying to send a Post Request with the body…

    "SupplierId": "XXX",
    "Status": "00",
    "_Name": "SUP"

Works as expected… however, if I remove the ‘underscore’…

    "SupplierId": "XXX",
    "Status": "00",
    "Name": "SUP"

I get no response from the server, if I then switch to the Postman Console view I see the following.

Error: Parse Error
Warning: This request did not get sent completely and might not have all the required system headers

Can I really not use ‘Name’ in my JSON body?

Hey @MrSynergy,

Welcome to the community! :star:

There shouldn’t be a reason why that can’t be sent in the body, unless there is something on the server side that requires the data in a certain format.

Do you have access to the server side code?

What headers are you sending with this request?

Okay, you’re right in that it was server validation causing the issues.

What has thrown me is on Postman I see the message
'Could not get any response There was an error connecting to http://XXXX"

Whereas when I tried this with Insomina I saw the message ‘304 not modified’ (so it DID get a response), which in this case was legit.