Using monitors and global variables

I am having a problem when using monitors and global variables.

I have a request in a collection that hits the endpoint “{{timeStamp}}”

The global variable timeStamp has a value of 2019-05-10.

When I run the collection it uses the endpoint “GET

When I monitor this collection it uses the endpoint “GET{{timeStamp}}

Are you able to use global variables and monitors?

it looks like you can’t use globals. Malformed variable URL when using with Monitor

Hi @timothy.jahn, it looks like you came across the answer on your own, but you’re correct that you can not use global variables with monitors. Here’s some more info in our documentation about debugging with variables in monitors.

For anyone that doesn’t want to go to the link, the gist is you need to either place them in the Collection as CollectionVariables or add them to an environment and select that when you create the monitor.

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