Using colspan in an HTML table in api request description

I am trying to make a table to help organize parameters for the request body in the description of a request for our API documentation. The problem I am having is that I can’t seem to get the property of colspan=“2” to extend a or across 2 columns as it should. I have tested the code outside of Postman and it is working as I expect. I put the code inline in my markdown with blank lines before and after the elements as it says in the markdown docs. Here is the code that I am trying to use:

And this is what it returns. You can see that the 2nd column in the first 4 rows does not extend to the end of the table like it should from the <td colspan=“2”>\ for each of those cells.

If anyone can shed some light on what I am doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

HI @allen.dehoff21, Welcome to the community.

I too tried based on your query in the postman API documentation description as well as in some other markdown editor.

It seems colspan is not supported in the description.

Same code when I view in typora, it renders properly

Can you also try in some other markdown editor or viewer and check if the same code is rendered properly.

If yes, then it might be a bug/ enhancement for postman.

Thank you @darkphoenix I am glad to learn that it is actually a bug and not something I am doing wrong. I’ve tried it in another markdown editor and it works just fine as you see here:

I also tried it using a pipe table like one would do in multimarkdown but that won’t render properly either. Hopefully postman decides to add this as a feature because being able to build a table the way I want to would be awesome for making things more clear to a user.

Thanks for the help!

Hey @allen.dehoff21

With this being the community forum and not the place where feature requests/issues are officially raised, the best thing to do is to create a new issue on our Github Issue Tracker.

Thanks @dannydainton I’ll do that!

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