Upload video using Upload File method

Hi there,
I am not sure how to upload video using Postman’s Upload File method, since I cannot find appropriate content-type for that.
So far I have only found the audio/mp4 and audio/mpeg , but there is no video/… content-type.
Can one clarify is it possible to upload video (via select file options, and choose from my local drive), and what should one put as content-type (if anything, i have already content-type
multipart/form-data as default header, but I am not sure if I should add one more)?

Thank you in each case.:slight_smile:

Hey @slomil

Thanks for raising the question here :rocket:

Would you be able to expand on the details of the actual request you’re sending to the endpoint? Is this a public API with documentation?

Thank you for answering @dannydainton
It isn’t public API…
I basically don’t know should i put some other content-type besides existing “multipart/form-data”.
Since I saw that for the content-type can be chosen many different types, but there is nothing that starts with video/etc. (there are audio/mp4, audio/mpeg,etc.) I assume it should be then used only “multipart/form-data”?
That’s all…:slight_smile:

Thank you very much in advance…

So it’s your own implementation? Or are you following someone else’s tutorial? Can the show the code?

Without knowing more about what the endpoint actually expects to be there, just throwing random Headers at it and seeing what sticks isn’t the best approach. :grin:

In the section “Headers” as content-type I already have multipart/form-data… and I am not sure whether some additional header should be added (and which one?), for sending the video?
Nothing that I developed myself…(it will take me time to get to that point:))

I see that it’s a particular API, do you have the documentation for that? How did you know to use that endpoint?

Yes, upload is working with documents and images, it’s problem with that url I suppose… Thank you very much for your help…

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