Undetermined Data File Type - Does not work

When using Postman Runner, if I have an undetermined file to be uploaded for our API testing, runner fails with the following error on screen.


Can we support undermined data file type as well which works with Postman API collection when running separately in Runner?

This would help us execute the runner for all our APIs (9 of them).

Currently, we try to separate this one REST API out of all other ones and had to execute it manually.

Let me know if you need more information on this.


I have been trying to use postman runner from last year for this feature but looks like no one has reported this as a issue nor a feature request.
But for our use case, it’s a must to have, as we want to upload to our REST APIs a non-json, non-csv file which gets executed at a later point of workflow.

I would love to understand your work flow a little bit more - which non JSON / CSV files are you trying to run?

The runner currently only supporters either JSON or CSV data files. The undetermined option shows when it cannot validate the file type selection.

There is a related issue currently open around this behaviour:

Thanks for your response. I did go through that issue however the issue there talks about a valid JSON file however in our case we have a tool which we want to upload and then the tool will later be used.

This tool is not a JSON or csv but an unix executable file in gatk format.
This file runs in a container for further execution and results.

Apologies, I still might not be understanding your use case and what you’re trying to do with the Collection Runner.

The file upload in that context is just to feed data, from within the JSON or CSV file, into the requests during the run.

I’m unsure why you would need an executable file in that context, to complete your workflow.

Here is some more screenshot to describe the problem. Unfortunately, I cannot share the request details further.

We have a form-data with file-type as input and wanted to pass that as part of the runner so that the execution takes that as an input file for one of the REST API we are testing in the flow.

We get the following output when exported the results of a failed REST API with status 400

		"name": "2. Upload Some Tool",
		"id": "1234",
		"url": "Valid URL",
		"totalTime": 0,
		"responseCode": {
			"code": 400,
			"name": "Bad Request",
			"detail": {
				"name": "Bad Request",
				"detail": "The request cannot be fulfilled due to bad syntax."
		"testPassFailCounts": {},
		"times": [
		"allTests": [
		"time": "1380",
		"totalRequestTime": "1380",
		"iterationResults": {}

@dannydainton any update on this request?

I’m currently away at the moment and I still don’t fully understand what you are trying to do within the runner.

You might be able put the file in the Postman working directory and use it that way but I’m not near my machine so I couldn’t tell you if that works or not.

You may need to raise a formal feature request on our GH Issue tracker containing the full details of the request. That way we can triage the request appropriately.